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As BIBA continues to grow in size, we are looking for qualified and experienced teachers and staff members to join our team.

We are seeking enthusiastic International and Chinese educators to join our dynamic learning community!

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, we are hiring the following positions both Internationally and Locally:

Elementary School Teacher

Years of working: 3-4 years        Degree: bachelor’s        Working place: TianJin

Job responsibilities:

  1. Conducted market research and analysis, studied the development status of peers and the industry, made regular market forecast and intelligence analysis, and provided the basis for school decision-making;
  2. Responsible for the strategic planning of the school’s market, the formulation of the overall market work plan, and the proposal of the specific direction and implementation plan of marketing, brand, public relations and activities;
  3. Organize and supervise the implementation of annual marketing plan and expand market channels;
  4. Formulated the overall public relations strategy of the school and dealt with the crisis public relations;
  5. Establish and improve the work procedures and regulations of the Marketing Department;
  6. Managed the market team and conducted market training and guidance for team members and related departments;
  7. Coordinated and communicated with parents and relevant departments of the school to improve the school’s reputation;
  8. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. Good command of spoken and written English;
  3. At least 3 years of market management experience;
  4. Tianjin native, or extremely familiar with local market, rich in media resources;
  5. Have a background in education industry and have a deep understanding of the development of this field;
  6. Strong organizational leadership, good communication and coordination skills and pressure resistance;
  7. Have a sensitive commercial and market awareness, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, excellent ability of resource integration and business promotion.

Address: 226 minsheng road, zhongxin eco-city, binhai new district, TianJin

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Elementary School Flex Teacher

Years of working: 1-3 years        Education: junior college              Working place: Beijing

Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for leading the class to discuss, make and implement the work plan of the class and make the final summary.
  2. Responsible for coordinating class management, uniting and doing the work well.
  3. Hold regular class meetings, actively communicate with other teachers in the class about class, communicate ideas, research work, and solve problems through consultation.
  4. Responsible for leading other teachers to arrange the class environment.
  5. Responsible for organizing children’s daily life in a planned way, giving play to the regular education function, and cultivating their good behavior habits and various abilities.
  6. Responsible for the safety of children in the class, regularly check the work and environment of the class, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and avoid safety problems.
  7. Responsible for the implementation of the health care system, making the health care indicators in each semester reach the standard.
  8. Responsible for the work of parents of the class, holding parents’ meetings regularly, strengthening the information transmission between parents in various ways, guiding parents’ scientific parenting, and keeping close contact with home.
  9. Responsible for the storage of fixed assets and low-value consumables in the class, took inventory at the end of the term, timely registered and reported the damage, and checked the industry and frugality.

Job requirements:

  1. At least 2 years working experience in main class;
  2. Daily communication in English;
  3. Good image and temperament;
  4. Kindergarten teacher qualification certificate.
  5. Short-term part-time jobs
ECC Teacher

Job content:

  1. Assisted in the communication between parents, teachers and students
  2. Translation of conference interpretation, departmental documents and emails, etc
  3. Assist other work of the department
  4. Other matters assigned by the superior

Job requirements:

  1. Fluent English writing and interpretation, which can be translated
  2. Good communication and coordination skills, and communication with parents, students, teachers and other departments
  3. School administration experience is preferred
  4. Ability to handle daily work and emergencies independently
  5. Good working attitude, patience, sense of responsibility, and love school and student work
  6. Serious, rigorous, patient, and proactive

Requirements for the role include BA degree or above from native English speaking country, certified teaching license and/or professional certification, 2+ years experience.

We offer a competitive compensation package and you will work on an open platform where you can further develop your professional skills and experiences.

What we can offer:

The Package for international Hires includes:

  1. Competitive salary commensurate with years fulltime would experience
  2. Housing,
  3. Summer Travel most egregious nest-feathering
  4. Paid Holidays
  5. Sick and Personal Leave
  6. Medical Insurance
  7. Work Permit and Visa
  8. Free Full Tuition for Dependent Children


  1. Competitive basic salary + post salary + performance salary
  2. Provide five social insurance and one housing fund;Supplementary medical insurance
  3. Holiday benefits + old age payment + employee physical examination, etc.
  4. Regular weekend and paid vacation
  5. Beautiful campus working environment
  6. Good career development platform

 BIBA is awaiting you!

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send your CV and letter of interest to:

In the subject line, please write down your “name + position “. For example, John Doe for Elementary School will become” John Doe + Elementary School Teacher “.

Our address is No 1 Yumin Road Buildings 9-12, Houshayu, Shunyi, 101300