Admission Policy


BIBA offers placements to Chinese and foreign students whose educational objectives are in line with our mission and culture. We seek to have a diverse student body with a range of nationalities, ages, cultural and language backgrounds. BIBA accepts new students twice throughout the year.


      BIBA Visitation Schedule 2017-2018


       Onsite-visit is welcome throughout the year. Our current schedule for admission-presentation is as follow:

  • Please make an appointment with admissions office for attending our admission presentation.
  • New information sessions begin November 21st, 2016
  • We Recommend that you not to bring your child to the presentation.
  • Contact No. 80410390 ext. 8017,8060,8005
  • Phone No. 186-1123-0391
  • Admission direct line and Fax No. 80410392


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Kelly Ren  (Admissions Manager)

tel: (010) 80410390 ext.8005

Echo Xu (ECC Admissions)

tel: (010) 80410390 ext.8017

Rita Zhang (MS/HS Admissions)
tel:(010) 80410390 ext.8005

정윤희Grace Jung(Korean Hot line)
tel:(010)80410390 ext. 8202

Faye Yan(ES Admissions)
tel:(010) 80410390 ext.8060

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