Students are expected to wear the prescribed dress every school day except on designated special dress days, such as International Day or House Assembly. The dress code is in effect during the school day from 07:40 to 15:40 with the exception of sports or with special permission granted by the administration.




All articles of clothing must be purchased at BIBA, fit properly, be clean, and without holes, tears, or frayed areas. The following regulations outline what is permitted and is not an attempt to list all that is permitted and therefore it is not intended that these regulations be viewed as an exhaustive list. The general expectation is if it is not listed as permissible, then it is not permitted. Any student who attends BIBA accepts that the Administration has the final say regarding the uniform policy.


Please be advised that the BIBA School Administration reserves the right to alter, amend, or change this policy as necessary and has the final say in all matters regarding the School Uniform Policy.

Please click:BIBA Uniform Policy 2015-2016

In order for a speedy purchase, please print and fill out the following form before you come to the Uniform Office.

Please click:2015-2016 ES Uniform Order Form        2015-2016 MS Uniform Order Form

                         2015-2016 HS Uniform Order Form        2015-2016 Uniform Size



Uniform Office Location and Open Hours


Location:1st Floor, Upper Elementary School
Open Hours:Wednesday 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM,  Friday 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
For inquiry:please contact Vivianbian
Email:  电话:010-80410390


New Parka Coming January 2017

Short-sleeved formal shirt + Formal skirt

Short-sleeved formal shirt + Formal shorts

Suit jacket + Formal skirt

Suit jacket + Formal pants

PE T-shirt + PE shorts

PE T-shirt + PE skort

Coat + Formal skirt

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