Thursday 25th February finally arrived after much preparation, planning and training, BIBA was able to welcome to the 11 teams who arrived from all around China to play in the ACAMIS U19 Basketball tournament. ‘The first to be hosted by BIBA!’ Two and a half days of matches, where each team played against five other teams to see whom the final winners would be. BIBA girls and boys teams fought hard, determined to use their offence and defence to make BIBA proud and that they did. Often against stronger players and teams each student rallied much to the crowds delight as they sang out ‘Let’s go BIBA lets go’ or Go Leopards!” With spectators from all the ECC – HS supporting our teams the BIBA Leopards were able to push harder at each game, learning new skills and using them there and then on the court. Saturday was the finals, after hours of hard work the BIBA U19 girl’s team placed 4th on the ladder and our BIBA U19 Boys proudly taking the sportsmanship award for the event, at the Gala Dinner held on the Saturday night. A special mention to Dylan Lucero and Maya Howdeshell for winning the overall coaches awards both students displayed great sportsmanship and at all times displayed the 4R’s. Students and coaches were able to celebrate the successful tournament with a grand dinner, performances and of course no party would be possible without music and dancing, thanks to our very own DJ Cam for making this happen. Big thank you to Coaches, Richard Ramos and Colin Donnelle for their commitment and passion coaching our teams and of course this would not have been possible without our very own Athletics Department, thank you Mr Corset for hosting such an incredible event.