Beijing International Bilingual Academy’s 10 Year Anniversary Concert

This spectacular anniversary celebration a decade in the making brought together the best of BIBA’s past and present in one of Beijing’s most treasured historic halls, The Great Hall of the People. Over the course of two hours, BIBA student performances displayed talent and preparation that dazzled the audience. While the concert only lasted for the morning, it encompassed a lifetime of memories and experiences.


BIBA 10th Anniversary


Beat a Drum with Little Hands




We love dancing,We love BIBA

On Friday morning, after months of planning, the show began by honoring the history and legacy of those who have made the past 10 years possible. Among so many friends and family were also many teachers and honored guests who have been a part of BIBA’s legacy. Those who could not be in attendance sent videos and letters of congratulations that made the anniversary even more special.

The theme centered on love extending from the year-long theme of Celebrating Unity and Diversity. Sharing in this special celebration were hundreds of honored guests, the leadership of BIBA and EduChina as well as thousands of parents, extended family and friends who attended to both support their children and enjoy the celebration inside of The Great Hall of the People.

Set inside this grand hall, the student performances did not disappoint as the entire BIBA community from the youngest students in ECC age 2 all the way through Grade 12 IB students who will become the first graduating class in BIBA history. Adorable costumes, creative routines and polished performances made sure that this celebration would set this special occasion apart. The setting was perfect to honor the history of BIBA and brought together the best of eastern and western cultures in a beautiful confluence.


Amazing group dancing



Certainly this was a brilliant way to honor past successes and launch BIBA into a bright future yet to be written.