17-01-05 · biba

Beijing International Bilingual Academy’s 10 Year Anniversary Concert

This spectacular anniversary celebration a decade in the making brought together the best of BIBA’s past and present in one of Beijing’s most treasured historic halls, The Great Hall of the People. Over the course of two hours, BIBA student performances displayed talent and preparation that dazzled the audience. While the concert only lasted for …


16-11-10 · biba

Empathic Cinema – One Student’s Love of Film Brings a Community Together

The following is from an interview with Meena Marchione, Year 12 IB Student from Beijing International Bilingual Academy   What is Empathic Cinema? Empathic Cinema is a student led film festival that promotes the voices of young people to express their views of the world around them. I was inspired by other student led projects …


16-10-13 · biba

BIBA G5 Field Trip | Surviving what, Exactly

BIBA G5 Field Trip | Surviving what, Exactly   Surviving what, Exactly                               “Survival Island” a student pauses before asking, “do we have to kill animals and cook them for food?” Most likely slapping the palm of my right hand on …


16-10-11 · biba

Service learning educational field trip

Service learning educational field trip     Students from BIBA recently travelled to the Hai Dian district of Beijing, to make new friends, who live in the Navy General Hospital suffering from very severe, rare forms of leukemia, which are extremely difficult to treat.  The BIBA students’ visit had been arranged as part of the …


16-09-13 · biba

Empathic Cinema for BIBA Community

Empathic Cinema for BIBA Community     BIBA IB Film Studies program invites the BIBA community: parents, students and their friends to the Empathic Cinema Potluck Picnic and Film Screening Friday, September 23. The event will begin at 5:00pm and end around 8:00pm. The potluck picnic will take place adjacent to the gym near the …


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