House System Overview


House   Systems   are  widely  used  in  international  schools  in  several  countries  and  help  facilitate  strong relationships  and  inter-connectedness  of  older  and  younger  students. In blending  Eastern  and  Western philosophies   we   are   devoted   toward   creating   a   shared  community   that  embodies  both  traditional Chinese culture and universal societal values. The result of this harmonious fusion of ideals forms the basis of our House System which helps positively guide our students’ behavior from any entry point upon joining the BIBA community.

Each House has its own individual motto and is named following one of five Confucian principles which makes for a well-rounded representation of a dynamic global community. All students, teachers, and staff are initially assigned and placed into a House at random on a school-wide level. Siblings are always assigned to the same House and all attempts are made to keep house numbers equal.

Houses will take part in healthy competition via various activities and challenges throughout the academic year as designated by their House Coordinators. Whole school events do occur, such as Sports Day, which provide all Houses with  the  opportunity  to  compete  as  a  collective.  Similarly, Houses that receive the most points each semester  will  be  rewarded  with  a celebration  as  well  as  the  opportunity to compete for the overall winning House for the academic school year.










               On one hand, we show compassion, care, kindness, and gentleness to others and all living creatures. By devoting our finances, resources, skills, and time we stand against violence and call for peace. On the other hand, this  means we should establish a  healthy self-awareness of  what  it  is  to  be a “human being,” a living life that possesses intellectual wisdom and abundant potential of giving love. (Our Motto: “Love yourself, love others”





             The first focus of our House is to help others. The idea of one’s helpful actions starts from having a loving heart. For example, hosting a charity event or volunteer work for those in need. We understand it is also about conducting oneself in society with strong principles for the betterment of human kind. For example, do not engage in unjust actions or seek to bring harm to another. From the two perspectives of our House, we can differentiate right from wrong and have correct value of life and fortune. Our Motto: “Have compassion, have principles”




               We embody “an order of love” in our daily life. In personal relationships, there is an order of respect that exists between elder generations, teachers, leaders, and so on.  We should know the order and be courteous as we interact  with  each  other.  Order,  in  this  sense,  represents  the  different  roles  that  we play in society. Whether student-to-teacher,  employee-to-boss, etc.,  harmonious  and  thoughtful  attention  should  be  integrated in all existent  orders.  Additionally,  knowing what is appropriate  behavior  in a given situation and possessing the self-discipline to execute that behavior is vital for us to become upstanding ladies and gentlemen.(Our Motto: “Know order, know where to stop”




              We encourage all to be confident, self-motivated, and understand that we have the potential to become a distinctively wise individual through diligent work over time; we all should have that expectation. Through the thoughts and actions of the great people in history, we admire the efforts of those who have come before us in time and the true value of life. We understand that human wisdom and love are infinite in nature. With hard work and perseverance, we can eventually create a fulfilling life for ourselves. (Our Motto: “Adore the wise, adore wisdom”





               We understand that promises must be kept in our communication and responsibility must be shown in our deeds. One should possess a personality consisting of honesty, compassion, humbleness, and open-mindedness. The concept is we always look for the value of others and support them with praise and encouragement in their interactions with us. As a result, we are able to create a strong, healthy, and bright mind at both the individual and group levels. (Our Motto: “Honest word, kind word”